New Book – My Husband’s Sin by Mary T. Bradford


Publishing year: 2014

This book is about families and secrets.

When Lillian Taylor dies, her four children go to the reading of her will. There is the eldest, Willow, who is snobbish and is intent to lead a life of pretence. Yet, it is clear that she is not happy. For years she and her husband Derek have been trying for a child with no luck, and I feel that she might have a drink problem.

The only son is Robert, who is now in a relationship with Aoife, his personal assistant. Robert has a high-flying career, and he thinks life is good. Deep down I think Robert is quite insecure.

Sally is the third daughter, who is a globetrotter and it is a rare occurrence for her to stay in  a place for a long time. She is a free spirit, and so far I think she is the best sibling.

Finally, there is Lacey, the baby of the family, and the trigger of the problem. During the reading of Lillian’s will, they all learn that Lacey was the love child of Joe Taylor, the fruit of an extramarital affair. Lillian agreed to raise the girl, but she never loved her, and in a very cruel letter to Lacey she says that she is happy to be rid of her.

This  event causes an uproar in the four siblings. Lacey is shattered, realizing that her life has been a lie, and now nothing is as it should be. Her siblings have become her half-siblings all of a sudden, and now she realizes why the woman who she believed to be her mother was so cold towards her. Her siblings’ reactions also shake their relationship. When Lacey arranges to meet them, Willow simply badmouths her father and the woman who he had the relationship with, and I imagine that in a way Lacey felt attacked. Robert blows hot and cold. He thinks that this discovery changes things, and even though he pretends nothing has changed, Lacey notices that he is not the same brother for her. he doesn’t return her calls, and when he finally calls her, they arrange to meet for dinner, but without checking with her, he asks Aoife to tag along, so Lacey’s hopes to talk to him are crashed.

Now Lacey wants to find her real mother, which is natural. At first, she considered asking for her siblings’ help and support, but the last events have shown that she can’t count on them. She feels lonely, and I understand her. Don’t they realize that all this has happened to Lacey through no fault of her own? What her parents did shouldn’t affect their relationship, and they should realize that they love Lacey, their baby sister, no matter who her mother is.

I wonder who Lacey’s mother is and if she will find her. I hope the four siblings reach an understand and realize that family is more than just blood ties.


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