New Book – The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain


Publishing year: 2014

I have just read the prologue of the novel.

It is set in Alexandria, Virginia, in January 1990. It is the description of a very cold day, and a frozen lake in the middle of which there is a kayak. We are led to understand that this is when Lisa MacPherson committed suicide, drowning in a frozen lake in the winter. She used the kayak to reach the middle of the lake, put some stones in her pockets, and drowned. I’m intrigued to know more about the reasons why Lisa did not see any way out other than death. Was she so pressurized by her parents that she was desperate? Did her excellence at violin playing mean some responsibilities she couldn’t take as a teenager? Or was there something more sinister? Maybe a boyfriend or lover? In the novella we know that Riley came from New Bern, North Carolina, so since this takes place in Alexandria, Virginia, I imagine that the family moved after Lisa’s death.

Powerful beginning. I’m dying to know more


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