New Book – The Disenchanted Widow by Christina McKenna


Publishing year: 2013

This book is part of the series that takes place in Taylorstown.

The first book The Misremembered Man was a delightful read, and I imagine I’ll enjoy this one as well. First of all, we are introduced to Bessie Lawless, a young widow, with a nine-year-old child, Herkie. Bessie expected to get the money from the insurance, but she learns that her husband didn’t keep up with the premium payments, so there is no money. Bessie is hard up and the debts pile up. So she decides to leave Belfast, hoping to get some money from her sister Joan and then leave for England where a well-off uncle of hers live. As she leaves, we see her fleeing from the dentist who comes to the house; I’m not sure if she’s dodging the debt or if the dentist has some other business with her. As she travels in her car, she stops at a petrol station for a fill-up, and the assistant, Gusty, tells her that the fan belt might break and leave her stranded, so I imagine she is going to stay in the town for a bit as the car is being repaired.

In a previous chapter we also met Lorcan Strong, an artist living in Belfast, who is still thinking that he abandoned his mother and the pub his parents ran for his artistic dreams. Things are not going too well for him. I wonder if he’ll also leave for Taylorstown.


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