Season of Storms 5 – The End



The end was quite emotional.

As I suspected, Daniela was involved in the thefts all along. She was married to the man Celia saw her with in Venice, and she hoped to inherit the fortune from the elderly billionaire she married. However, the man decided to leave everything to his trust. So what she was doing to amass money was to substitute the treasures and works of art in the houses that the trust handled. Celia found out when by accident she found herself in the dog crypt after rescuing Poppy. Hidden in the dark, she saw Daniela and her accomplices hide their boot. Then Pietro hit her, and when she came to, she found herself surrounded by flames and Rupert by her side. Daniela had set fire to the house of storms, hoping Celia would die, but Rupert rescued her. However, he lost his life. We don’t know if Rupert’s death was accidental or it was a suicide. The man was sick, and his perspectives weren’t too hopeful. So maybe he wanted to spare his family the burden his disease was.

The police arrested Pietro, but Daniela and her husband escaped. Apart from this and Rupert’s death, it was a good ending. Celia learns that her father was Den, and there was a very nice scene between them. It was good for her, gaining a father after losing one who was in all senses a parent to her. And there was extra in the package, with Madeleine and Den becoming an item. So not only did Celia gain a father, but a stepmother and stepsister. I love the scene in which Poppy apologizes to Celia for being horrible to her.

And naturally, Celia ends up with Alex, and in the epilogue they are married and parents to a baby. Wonderful ending!!! We don’t know much about what Celia’s relationship with her mother progressed after all these events. I would have liked to have seen the woman because even though this character had great relevance in the plot, we didn’t see the character in the flesh.


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