New Book – Season of Storms by Susanna Kearsley


Publishing year: 2001

I have just started a new book about a young woman called Celia.

Celia Sands is an actress with little luck, so he has to supplement her living with waitressing.  One day she gets a letter that offers her a role in a play in Il Piacere, which is a place whose owner was Galeazzo D’Assanio. Galeazzo was a poet and playwright, and his muse / mistress was a woman with the same name as Celia. That is why Celia’s stage name is Celia Sullivan because she feels awkward to use this name well-know by theatre people. Now in the role she has been offered she is required to use her real name, so she is reluctant to do so. She knows that it is thanks to her friend Rupert that she gets this part. I imagine that she will eventually accept the job.

Interesting start. In the other books by Susanna Kearsley I have read, there is always a fantasy element. I am not very much into the fantasy genre, but I have discovered that the way this author deals with the genre appeals to me. So I wonder what fantasy element will have in this case. Maybe ghosts from the past? Spirits?


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