The Eden Inheritance 11 – The End


It was a satisfactory ending for all the characters.

I think Guy learned a lesson about love being above revenge. He is able to swallow his feelings for Lilli. I find that the relationship between Guy and Lilli is a bit rushed. In only a few days Guy thinks he’s fallen in love and thinks that Lilli could be the love of his life. I find this a bit hard to believe, especially when Guy boasted of not getting romantically attached to the women he dated. He can have a change of heart, I know, but I think that was a bit too fast.

In the end, Otto does something good, not for Guy, but for Lilli. Jorge has the idea that Guy is a anti-drug agents, so he intends to get rid of him. So he informs Otto that he has planted a letter bomb in his mail box. When Otto realizes that the bomb could explode when Lilli is there, talking to Guy, he musters all his strength and speeds towards the airfield. He grabs the mail box and returns to the car, and it is only then that he realizes who Guy is. Fearing what his daughter might find out about his past, he opens the box and decides to end his life at that moment.

Guy returns to England to talk to his mother and tell her everything. After Otto’s death, the police got involved and Ingrid decided to talk. Jorge fled but his henchmen were apprehended. Now Lilli thinks that if the island could be bought by someone respectable, it could be turned into a tourist resort instead of a drug cartel. Kathryn receives the news stoically and can’t really feel sorry for Otto after what he did to the family and Paul.

Paul also goes to France to talk to his grandfather. It is his grandfather who finally tells him the truth about his mother and father. He believes that Kathryn is a great woman and should have Guy’s respect. Guillaume tells him about his father’s betrayal and his mother’s work for the resistance not only in 1941 when she was living in the chateau but also when she returned to England, she worked actively for the cause. I think Guillaume did a good thing for his grandchild and Kathryn. It was not right that Guy idolised his father and despised his mother because of his liaison with Paul.

And in Madrepora Lilli discovers a name engraved in one of the candlesticks. So she guesses why Guy was there and discovers what kind of a man her father was. So she decides to return the heirlooms to their original owners, and writes a letter to Guy. Then Guy returns to her, and he tells her that his grandfather has decided to buy Madrepora, and Guy hopes that he and Lilli could build a good resort together. It is a good, fairy-tale ending.

I liked the book, especially the first part with Kathryn. The second part was a bit duller for me. All in all, it has been a good, interesting read.


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