New Book – J is for Judgment by Sue Grafton


Publishing year: 1997

Here’s Kinsey Milhone back.

One of her ex-colleagues from California Fidelity, Marc Voorhies, comes to talk to her in her new offices. He tells her about a man called Wendell Jaffe, who went missing and presumed dead while he was on his fishing boat. The man was having some big financial problems, and in his suicide note he explained this is the reason why he wanted to end his life. His body was never recovered, and his wife and two children struggled after his death. His wife wanted him to be declared dead so that the insurance money could come to her. This was close to happening, but then one of the insurance men was in Mexico and swore he had seen Wendell Jaffe alive and kicking. So Marc wants Kinsey to go to Mexico and find out whether the claims that Jaffe is alive are genuine.

In this prologue Kinsey mentions something about finding out the truth about her family, which has raised my interest. Does she mean that she’ll learn that the accident in which her parents died was not accidental? And if so, why would anybody want to harm kinsey’s parents? And what does Jaffe have to do with Kinsey and her family?


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