The Eden Inheritance 9


Kathryn’s account of the past finishes.

She tells Guy that thanks to Paul’s help, they and Celestine managed to leave France for England when things were getting increasingly dangerous. What she doesn’t tell him is that his father was a traitor. Celestina innocently slipped the truth, not aware that Charles was not part of the resistance. So he spied on Christian and knew where the mail was exchanged. So the night his wife, son, and Celestine were due to leave, he alerted the Nazis. So they were waiting for them when the plane landed, and Paul made the ultimate sacrifice, getting himself killed by protecting Kathryn and the plane. We also know that at the time Kathryn was pregnant, but she lost the baby that night.

I don’t like Guy’s reaction at all. All he has to say is that Kathryn betrayed his father, so he behaves coldly towards him. Actually, he does not condemn his father or grandfather for collaborating with then Nazis, and even puts himself in their place. Yet, he is unable to do so for his mother. I think he’s being quite unfair. I do not condone adultery, but even though I pitied Charles at first, his acts became more and more outrageous, so I feel I understand Kathryn better. However, he redeemed himself in his death; through Kathryn’s thoughts we know that he eventually regretted what he did that night. He did not know that Kathryn, his son and sister were trying to escape to safety, but he later was consumed by guilt to know that it was his doing that had killed men fighting for the freedom of his country. So that is why he volunteered himself to make an example when the communist plot was discovered. At least, he was a brave man in the end.

We are now back in 1971 and Guy is still determined to unmask von Rheinhardt. He gets himself the job his friend had, but so far he has managed little. The focus shifts to Lilli, who after years returns to Madredora to see her father who is dying. Through Lilli we know she left the island and has not returned till now because of Jorge, the man working for her father. He is much older than she is, and we know that he had an affair with her mother. It is not clear how Magdalene, her mother, died, but it seemed to have been a violent death as there was blood on her when Lilli saw her. And what happened between Lilli and Jorge? She mentions finding out something about him. Did she discover that he had been her motehr’s lover, or something else? It is clear that his businesses are far from legal, and he seemed as despicable as von Rheinhardt in 1941.

Lilli has met Guy as the young man has flown her from Barbados to the island. I am pretty sure that something will happen between the two of them, and that will complicate things. The situation is already complex enough. Maybe Guy will not have his revenge after all as Otto is already dying, but I’m sure he will want his family’s heirlooms. I really hope that nothing happens to him, and I also hope that he realizes how unfair he has been to his mother.


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