The Eden Inheritance 8


A new character appears in scene to stir the pot.

It is Celestine, Charles and Christian’s sister. She comes back from Paris, where she was studying, and when she sees von Rheindhardt dining with her family, she is outraged. Thankfully, the German leaves before she can cause any trouble. Then she drops a bomb, shocking her parents. Her boyfriend, Julien Didier, was a Jew and the Nazis took her away. Celestine believes that Julien is dead, and that is why she has returned home. From the present we know that Celestine has two daughters, and her husband is Henri. Is the eldest girls – Lise? –  the baby Celestine was expecting in 1941? If so, does she know her father was a Jew? And who is Henri? Did he marry Celestine and accept her baby as his own? And if the girl is not this baby, then what happened? Did she miscarry? Or was she forced to give the baby away? In any case, now Kathryn is worried about Celestine, because if the Nazis were to know that the baby she is expecting is half Jew, she and the baby would be in danger.


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