The Eden Inheritance 7


I can understand how high-strung Kathryn is.

She is in a dichotomy. On the one hand, she knows what danger she is putting the family, especially her son, in. And on the other hand, she does not want Paul to go because she is in love with him. Her nerves are frayed when she learns that the Nazis are trying to find the people who killed the two Germans. She is afraid for Paul, especially when the spy he collected and the farmer sheltering are arrested. However, the farmer is killed and the Brit commits suicide.

Paul’s injury makes him and Kathryn closer. And the inevitable happens. They kiss and for a while, they only share those passionate kiss. At some point Paul wants more, but Kathryn stops him because she believes that she can’t betray Charles and Guy that way, and the passion they feel should be left for after the war when they can sort out their matters. However, that same night Charles confronted her because he thinks she is having an affair with Paul. She denies, because apart from kisses, they have not done anything. However, I think an affair is not just physical. Kathryn has really been having an affair with Paul because her heart is with him, and not with her husband. And then Charles does a despicable thing. She rapes her. It is this fact that makes Kathryn decide that she will not pass up the opportunity to be with Paul, especially when Paul is leaving soon, initially for a few days. So they become lovers.

Now what will happen? Will Paul return? There is no trace of Paul in Kathryn’s life at present in 1971, and there has not been a mention of a man at all. So I imagine that Paul did not survive the war, but how did he die? Did he return for Kathryn? I think Kathryn left for England with Guy early in the war, so I imagine that whatever happened to her and Paul must be close to happening in her account.

And what about Charles? Will he try to demand his marital rights again? Kathryn has threatened to go with Guy if he lays a finger on her again. So I wonder if that is what happens for Kathryn to flee to England with her son. I don’t like Charles very much, but he is not the kind of character I loath. He is too weak and shows his strength only with those he can, for example, with his wife, and even so, he can’t win over her. Yet, I do not know why I don’t feel him as a villain. Maybe it is because we know that he was killed by the Nazis, or because the fact that Kathryn did not understand him and turned to another man makes me pity him in some way. However, his last deed cannot be pitied or understood.


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