Little Mercies 7 – The End



I really loved the ending. was afraid for Jenny when Jimmy intercepts her and her mother when they were in the bus station. Then he forces them into the car, and then something changes in Deidra’s mood when Jimmy finds out the Jenny’s pictures in her backpack. Deidra stops the car and says that Jenny should go because she doesn’t want her and never wanted her. That hurts Jenny to the core, and she can’t stop sobbing when Ellen and Maudene finally find her and take her home. I suspected that something had happened there, and Deidra wasn’t as heartless as she sounded. Naturally, I can’t empathize with the character who left her boyfriend beat up a little girl, and then she decided to abandon her child for an abuser. Yet, Deidre surprises us when Ellen sees her in the police station. She’s killed Jimmy while he was sleeping, and she tells Ellen that the only reason why she said all those things to Jenny in the car was for her sake. Deidre was afraid Jimmy would kill them because he thought they were going to report him to the police, using the pictures that Jenny had. Even though Deidre leaves a love to be desired, I think for once in her life she did something good for little Jenny.

In the end both stories have happy resolutions. Jenny returns to Benton to live with Connie while her father is in jail. And all charges are dropped against Ellen, when her former clients and cases speak on her behalf. Avery also recovers, and the family can be happy again. I think that Ellen learnt a valuable lesson while she was going through this ordeal as she experienced what it felt like losing her children. She also learnt through Jenny how she had also neglected her mother and how much her mother needed her and her children.

I really enjoyed the book. Very emotional and engrossing. I loved the characters, especially Jenny, who I found delightful.


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