The Shadow at Greystone Chase 3 – The End


I finished reading the book this morning.

I was right. Edgar was alive!!! His uncle identified a body, a stranger recovered from the Thames. I’m so glad that the author decided to bring him back!

Angela and Freddy discovered the truth and clear Edgar’s name. As I guessed it was a passionate crime. Roger, Edgar’s father, was in love with his daughter-in-law. It was because of his infatuation that he wanted his son to marry her. Yet, when she rebuffed him that night, he killed her. Jemmy, a  parlourmaid, saw him to carry Selina out of the room, and the maid thought she had fainted. It was later than she realized the truth, but it was late. Roger had spirited her away, and decided to pay her a generous pension for her silence. Angela and Freddy discover that when they get a letter from Roger to Jemmy, and when they visit her sister in London, she eventually tells the truth and produces a letter from her sister, telling the whole truth.

Angela then decides to talk to Jameson and confess everything, even her perjury. She is ready to face up to the consequences of her actions. However, Jameson’s boss decides to drop the case against Angela discreetly when the newspapers get wind of her new successful investigation.

After that, Angela is still depressed and decides to return to America. She will sell her company, and she might stay there for good. Barbara will visit her and stay with her for one term, but if she doesn’t like her there, she has promised they’d returned to England. It is on the ship that Edgar appears before Angela after Freddy called him to alert him about her departure. At one point Angela had made a passionate speech about her feelings for Edgar, and Freddy realized that he should act. So after her initial angry reaction to Edgar, they finally make up and come to an understanding. Edgar promises he will straighten his act and they both confess to their feelings for each other. Edgar reckons he can start a new life in America and intends to marry Angela. I really love their banter, and even when they are romantic, they’re not overly mawkish, and there’s a enchanting teasing that they keep going at. Angela doesn’t know if they will end up married or how long their thing will last, but she will focus on the present and be happy.

I really loved this series and I’m sorry to say goodbye to Angela and the other characters I’ve grown fond of. In a last note, the author explains that the story about a writer of the 1920s writing these stories is fiction, and she’s a modern author. Stories about Angela are over, but there seems to be a series about Freddy in the works, so I’m really looking forward to it. Will we see Angela and Edgar in it? Or maybe Barbara? I’d hate not to see the girl any longer because she’s one of my favourite characters in the series, and I wish we had seen more of her.


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