New Book – The Shadow at Greystone Chase by Clara Benson


Publishing year: 2015

The start of this last book in the Angela Marchmont series describes the mood Angela has after what happened in the previous novel.

She tries to entertain her upset mind by accepting invitations and staying away from London. She has started a closer relationship with her daughter, visiting her regularly in her school. Her brother even invites her to his home, but since we know he’s quite stiff, he doesn’t mention the elephant in the room, Barbara. When Angela returns home, her brother sends her a letter, showing his support, but not his approval, so at least, that’s something.

I was hoping that Edgar could be alive somehow, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. After months of private grieving, Angela receives a letter from a lawyer about some matters regarding his client Edgar Valencourt that he would like to discuss with Angela privately. Her reaction is to tear up the letter and accept an invitation in Scotland. When she returns, there is another letter from the lawyer, and on this occasion he has enclosed a letter from Edgar. In the letter Edgar claims to be innocent of his wife’s murder and asks Angela to clear his name after his death. Angela is angry at the request, but she realizes that she is angrier with herself than with Edgar because she’s ashamed for letting Edgar to take the blame for the crime she was accused of. She also feels outraged because she realizes that if Edgar took the blame, it means he believed her guilty or otherwise, he would have believed that some evidence could have her acquitted. Her first intention is to refuse this request beyond the grave, but she realizes that she owes Edgar her freedom, and her sense of justice is so strong that she can’t ignore his words. So that means Angela is going to try to find out the truth, and I wonder how she’ll go about doing this.

Interesting start. I’m sorry that things turned out this way, and Edgar ended up dead. I still harbour a little hope that things are not as they seem and Edgar might have faked his death.


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