While My Eyes Were Closed 6 – The End



Reading this book hasn’t been easy. You feel frustrated when you read what Muriel has done and feels justified to do it while Ella’s parents go through hell. Until the very last moment, I feared for Ella. The woman takes her to a park with the intention of pushing her from some kind of ravine. Thankfully, it is Ella’s innocence and words that save her.

By this time Lisa has already worked out that Muriel is responsible for her daughter’s abduction. Chloe sneaks out of the house on Matthew’s death anniversary, and Lisa goes to find her in the cemetery. The fall-out between mother and daughter was caused when Lisa told her daughter to leave Matthew. Lisa feels that Chloe blamed her for Matthew’s death. While talking about the case of the break-up, they realize that there is indeed a woman who has a grudge on them. Lisa calls the police, but Muriel’s house is empty, but the police finds evidence that a child has been there.

In the end, Muriel decides to take the girl back, and the last scene is Ella rushing to hug her mother while Lisa and Muriel lock eyes. We don’t know what happens after that. I imagine that the police will arrest Muriel eventually. The woman is not right in her head, so even though she didn’t do anything to Ella in the end, she needs to get some psychiatric treatment.

I really love the book. It wasn’t an easy ride, but I enjoyed suffering as I read.

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