New Book – While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


Publishing year: 2016

I’m already hooked on this thriller I started to read today.

We are introduced to Lisa, gym instructor, mother to Ella and Otis, and married to Alex. Lisa also has a teenage daughter, Chloe, who is now away on holiday and who is a child of a previous relationship, but the father left her when she told him she was pregnant.

Lisa is one of the voices of the book. The second voice is Muriel, a lonely woman who teaches piano to children. Muriel has a child who doesn’t live at home any more, and I have the impression that her husband left her. I find a bit peculiar, and what she does later proves me right.

Lisa takes Ella to the park, and after a few times in the slide, she insists on playing hide-and-seek, and it was then while Lisa is counting that, unbeknownst to her, Muriel takes Ella, claiming that she’s taking her home to clean her hands after she had fallen. As Ella knows the lady for her brother goes to her piano lessons, the girl goes with her. For Lisa it is the start of her nightmare. First, she thinks that she can’t find her daughter because Ella likes hiding and boasting that her mum can’t find her, but times goes by and she panics. Soon people in the park help her to look for Ella, but she’s nowhere to be found.

I wonder what Muriel’s intentions are. Will she give the girl back to her mother, or will she keep her under false pretences? Poor Lisa. If Ella isn’t found soon, I fear this family is up to some harsh times.


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