New Book – Under a Blood Red Sky by Kate Furnivall


Publishing year: 2008

This new book is set in 1933.

Two Russian girls are in a work camp in Siberia. Anna and Sophia have become good friends in the camp. The conditions are horrible, and two years ago Anna saved Sophia’s life. Sophia was run over by the cart with the rocks the women dug out. Her hand was crushed under the weight, and Anna nursed her back to health, and there’s a hint that she might have sold herself to the soldiers to get some food for Sophia.

Now Sophia is sick, and Sophia is intent in saving her this time. She plans to escape the camp and find help. Anna has always talked to her about Vasily, a friend of hers, when she was twelve. Sophia thinks that he is the only one who can save Anna. But how can she do that? It seems an impossible task. First, escaping from the camp seems unattainable, and then how is he going to find Vasily? And if he does that, how is Vasily going to save Anna?

Powerful beginning. I think I’m going to enjoy this book a great deal.


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