Brownie Points 2



As I predicted, problems are about to start. One of the mothers, Olivia, has already raised her voice to express her disapproval of Logan becoming a girl scout. I hate busy-bodies, and Olivia is hateful. She doesn’t even have girls, which is what Lisa tells her. So what is it to her? It’s outrageous how people can simply let the rest of the world live in peace. This case is even more serious because it’s a child. And Olivia has the nerve to tell Lisa that if her son beat Logan, it is just a child’s game. How can people be so cruel and insensitive? I think children are the reflection of their parents, and it’s clear that this woman’s son just shows what kind of parents he has. I’m afraid that poor Logan is going to have many more problems at school, which is what Jason feared. I don’t understand why Lisa and Jason don’t demand the school to do something about the kind of treatment Logan is being subjected to. It is at school that the boy has his problems, so the school has a responsibility to defend Logan’s rights. Lisa and Jason shouldn’t be so cool about the school’s indifferent attitude, and if they’re not heeded, they should report the school to the council or whoever the school has to respond to.

Now we learn that Logan’s application has been turned down by the organisation. However, Michelle won’t give up, and plans to write a letter defending her position. I didn’t think much about Michelle, but this shows that she’s much better than I thought she was.


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