New Book – Brownie Points by Jennifer Coburn


Publishing year: 2012

The novel I have started has a light tone, but it deals with very complex issues.

The main character is Lisa, married to Jason, and they form a mixed race marriage. They have thirteen-year-old twins, Maya and Logan. Now they have moved to a small town from San Francisco as Jason has been offered to be the head of the fire force. I find Lisa’s attitude a bit annoying. She’s always complaining about everything in her new surroundings: the house, the people… I don’t understand why she has to be so critical about the house; it seems to me that it is a big house, and anybody could give their right arm to live in such a house. Then I have to admit that the women she meets there are quite histrionic and their aspirations are almost ridiculous. Super mummies who want to show off by throwing stupid parties for their children. I guess that this kind of women do exist, but I think they’re over the top. the ins and outs of these women are too much for me.

The important issue here is Lisa’s son, Logan. She has known since he was eight that the boy is gay. Jason doesn’t want to see the reality. The issue is quite complex in my view. I agree with Lisa that if her son’s sexuality should be treated with as much normality as possible. Also, I think that it’s difficult to know what to do, and Jason’s wariness about this matter is comprehensible.

Logan is having problems at school. On his first day he is beaten up, and then Maya tells Lisa that the other boys call him names. I can understand that Jason tries to protect his son because he knows what is like to be rejected. He suffered discrimination for being black, but his reasoning is that Logan could not draw attention upon himself, but he couldn’t conceal his skin. Jason is in denial, but at the end of the day he wants the best for his son.

Now the bomb falls when Logan says he wants to join the girls’ scouts as it is the only place she feels happy. He has been going with his sister while their mother was on some errand. Yet, now he wants to be a full member, and when Lisa calls the woman in charge, Michelle, he doesn’t put any objections. I can now imagine that this will cause turmoil in the town, and I’m afraid Logan will have even more problems, which is what his father fears.


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