New Book – Good Girls don’t Die by Isabelle Grey


Publishing year: 2014

This is a detective mystery.

We get to know Detective Sergeant Grace Fisher, who has started work in a new office in Colchester. We know little about Grace, but little by little we get some details about her. I have the impression she had problems in her last post since she decided to be demoted for this new job. Grace was also married, but now she’s divorced. I have the impression that the wound is still bleeding as she won’t talk much about it.

At the beginning of the novel, we see a scene in which a woman is terrified as she’s been attacked and now kept locked against her will. Then when we first see Detective Fisher, she and DS Lance Cooper are to investigate the case of a young woman, Polly Sinclair, who has been missing for several days. Her flatmate last saw her in a pub, where they were celebrating the end of their exams, and she assumed that Polly had hooked up with a guy, she didn’t say anything until now. Polly’s mobile is off, and there have been no movements in her accounts.

Grace and Lance Cooper interview her flatmate, Jessica, and the landlord, Pawel, who tells them that Polly was with a boy the night before going missing. The boy is a law lecturer, Matt Beeston, but he doesn’t know much about Polly as it was the first and only time they hooked up.

Interesting start. I love detective novels, and this seems to be a good one.


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