The Hand that First Held Mine 7 – The End




The truth reveals itself. When Elina and Ted are on their way to Simmy’s parents’, they stop at a coastal town, Lyme Regis. It is then that Ted remembers, and he suffers a panic attack. Then he confronts his parents, and they reveal the truth. Ted was Theo, his mother was Lexie, and she died drowned in Lyme Regis, when she was there with her lover Rob Crowe. After that, Felix took him home with him… to Margot’s house as he had married her. Felix was forced to marry her because she got pregnant, but she suffered miscarriage after miscarriage. Somehow albeit reluctant, Margot took the child in, and she managed to erase his mother’s memories. Poor Lexie

That revelation causes Ted a terrible shock. He gets in bed and won’t talk to anybody. Elina finally does something to snap him out of him. She finds out the articles his mother wrote, especially the article she wrote about him and maternity. That was a lovely end to this bittersweet story.

I would have liked to see more about Margot and what her real feelings were. It is clear that her mother played a nefarious role in her life, and I guess she became the way she was because of her mother.

I really loved the story. The beginning was quite strange as I wasn’t sure what the story was about, and the original style threw me a bit. Yet, I really loved it as I kept reading. I’m sure I will read more books by this author!


2 thoughts on “The Hand that First Held Mine 7 – The End

  1. Without reading the spoilers, I saw you enjoyed also this book !
    I noticed you like the books that are about family misteries and stories that are connected to the past. I too like them!
    Actually, unless they are fanfictions, which are the mushier the better for me ;-P, I prefer these kinds of books where everything doesn’t revolve around a love story (even if it’s always nice to read a good one), but rather where the love story is part of a more complex and interesting plot.


    PS: I saw that this July a movie based on the novel you talked about some time ago, Me before You to Jojo Moyes,will be released in UK! 😉

    • Yes, I loved the kind of stories that mix past and present. They’re my favourites!!! Like you, I enjoy love stories, but they must have some kind of substance. Otherwise, they bore me. I like when there’s a nice romance but inside a good plot.
      Yes, I saw that there is a film about the film. You really have a good memory! I don’t know if I’ll see it. Somehow lately I don’t like watching films based on books I’ve read. I imagine the characters and the action in my head, so I get disappointed when I see the film. So except for some exceptions, I don’t bother to watch the films.

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