New Book – The Glassblower of Murano by Marina Fiorato


Publishing year: 2006

I have only read a chapter of this new book this morning.

The story starts in the seventeenth century. We get to meet Corradino Manin, a Venetian glass maker, who is fleeing something and believes that he won’t survive the night. He goes to an orphanage to give a pouch of money for the orphans there. Corradino seems to hide something; there’s a reference to a woman and a book, and his fear for her. Then as he foresaw, some men attack him with a glass knife and stab him in the back. Corradino dies laughing, realizing that the same thing that he created, glass, has killed him.

I still don’t have an opinion of the book as I’ve read very little. The beginning is promising, and gives us some questions. Why was Corradino killed? Why did he give his money to the orphanage? Who is the woman he was thinking about? And the book? I’ll have my answers as I keep reading.


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