New Book – The Hand that First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell


Publishing year: 2009

I’ve just started this book.

The first pages feature two women separated in time. First, there is Alexandra, a twenty-one-year-old girl from a family with many siblings. She has been expelled from university because of trespassing in some premises that were reserved for men alone. Alexandra doesn’t feel happy now that she’s back home and plans to move to London. She says all this to Innes Kent, an art dealer, who happens to her house asking for directions for a garage. The book reveals that this encounter will change Alexandra’s life, so I imagine Innes and Alexandra will meet again.

The second woman we meet is Elina, a Finnish woman. The thing about Elina is that she’s had a son a few days ago, and she doesn’t remember. She wakes up one morning, and when she doesn’t notice her swollen bum she gets scared. Ted is her husband or partner, and we know from his thoughts that Elina almost died when she was having the boy. I wonder why Elina doesn’t remember anything about the birth, and I’m intrigued to know more.

The novel has started slow as we know little about the characters and where we are going.


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