New Book – The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran


Publishing year: 2008

This new book is the continuation of Nefertiti by the same author, which I read a while ago.

In this new novel Nefertari is the main character. Nefertari is the daughter of Mutnodjmet, or Mutni as we knew her in the previous book. Mutni was the sister of Nefertiti. Now Nefertari lives in the palace of the current Pharaoh, Seti, as a princess. Her mother was the last queen of the previous dynasty, but Nefertari now suffers the consequences of her family’s reputation. Everybody calls Nefertiti the heretic queen because of removing Amun in favour of the worship of the sun. We also know that a fire killed Nefertari’s father, brother, and grandfather, and her mother died in childbirth.

Nefertari is friends with the Pharaoh’s son, Rameses. Now at the age of seventeen, Rameses has been crowned co-regent and king of the Upper Egypt. Nefertari, who is thirteen, is sad because she won’t be able to see her best friends. Rameses will be too busy with his responsibilities, and his other friend Sasha will be going in a month to train as a general for the army.

There are really despicable women in the kingdom. Rameses’s aunt Henuttawy keeps insulting Nefertari because of her family. Iset, the woman Rameses is to marry, is also very hurtful. Nefertari knows that if it weren’t for her family’s reputation, Rameses would have chosen her for his wife, but there’s nothing she can do to fight the past.

Interesting start. I loved the other book, and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy learning more about the history of Old Egypt.


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