New Book – No Kiss Goodbye by Janelle Harris


Publishing year: 2015

I started this book this morning, and it’s already hooked my attention. The story starts with a traffic accident.

Laura is the narrator, a married woman with two small children. She is the one who had the accident, and her children were in the car with her. For a while, even though Laura can hear everything around her, she’s in a coma and can’t respond. When she comes round, she has some damage and can’t move her legs. We get to know her friend Ada, her husband Mark, and a neighbour she doesn’t like, Nicole.

From the first, there is something fishy going on. Her children are nowhere to be seen, and even though Laura demands to see them, she’s continuously given an excuse. I wonder if the children died in the accident, but then why don’t they tell her? She is under the impression that they are with her in-laws, but she hasn’t even talked to them on the phone. I can’t understand why that is. If I were Laura, I wouldn’t be able to rest until I had talked to my children. Maybe deep down she knows that her children died.

It is obvious that Mark and Nicole are together, and Laura finds the situation complicated. Nicole is around almost all the time, and then strange things start to happen. First, she overhears Mark on the phone, telling someone about giving Laura some sleeping pills, which she isn’t aware of. Then she is told of some fainting spells she keeps having and also of actions Mark and Nicole tell her about, but she doesn’t remember. Nicole gets upset when she accuses her before her psychiatrist and Mark of a call Laura she made at 2.30 a.m, then abusing her, and also she was seen in her car outside Nicole’s home. Nobody is interested in hearing her or understand that she couldn’t have been in a car when she can’t move her legs. Laura doesn’t know what to believe, because she doesn’t remember anything.

I don’t know what to believe either. However, I know that something strange is happening. In the ball Laura attended, she discovers that there’s some white powder in the drink Mark gives him, and Ada confirms that she saw Mark adding something to her drink. I thought that Laura and Mark were a happy couple, but then how did things change? Did Mark start an affair with Nicole while she was in a coma? Or was it before then? I think there are things we and maybe Laura don’t know about. I hope Mark or Nicole don’t try to harm Laura.

Apart from the drama, the book is full of humour, which makes the book even more enjoyable.


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