New Book – The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley


Publishing year: 2013

This book starts in India in the year 2000.

We hear Anahita’s voice, who is turning a hundred years old. From what little I have read, we know that Anahita has a big family with grandchildren and great grandchildren. Yet, we know that she had a son who was thought to have died many years ago. However, Anahita never believed that her son was dead even though she has his death certificate. I wonder how he supposedly died and why Anahita doesn’t believe he’s dead or at least died back then. Didn’t she see his body? She mentions leaving him behind, so I imagine that she want’s with him when he died. Now she’s written an account of all these years in the hope that she could give it to her son, but since she hasn’t found him and he hasn’t found her, she thinks she could leave her memoirs to her great grandchild Ari Malik, who has the same blue eyes Anahita’s son had.


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