The Quality of Silence 4 – The End



At the end of the novel, there are exciting moments and parts which I find too slow and boring. So we learn what happened to Matt. He was away, doing some filming, and when he returned to the village, everybody was dead. We learn later that the whole village died of poisoning. The water of the river was noxious because of the fracking carried out. The villain turns out to be the CEO of the company, who was the man who intercepted Yasmin at the airport and then was the one following her in the tanker, as he knew she would take her to Matt. The state trooper was also involved. For a moment Yasmin and Matt realized they were lost, and then little Ruby sneaks away and sends a message asking for help, using her laptop, the photographs her father had sent her of the animals poisoned, and the satellite unit. The CEO was cruel as he tried to kill Ruby. I’m not sure why he decided he wanted to kill the girl, and not the parents. Then he raced after her, but when he found her, Ruby had already alerted people with her messages. The end is quite abrupt, with Yasmin and Matt with their little girl and the noise of helicopter ahead of them.

I enjoyed the book. Some parts were a bit far-fetched, but I really loved the premise of a woman doing anything to follow her heart. Ruby was a beautiful character. The part I liked least is the end, but I’m glad the family end up together eventually, and I think this journey taught them quite a few things about love, survival, and in particular about family.


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