The Lake House 8 – The End



I was wrong from the very beginning.

Even though there are sad moments in this novel, the end isn’t sad at all, but quite enlightening. In fact, I found the end a bit too perfect, but it was a great twist.

I have to make some reflections upon Theo’s vanishing. Eleanor concocted the plan, but I have my misgivings. Was Anthony really that dangerous that she had to resort to that extreme measure? Did she fear he could kill the baby? She explains that in those fits he had he didn’t know anybody or react as the person he was, but I still think that what she did was a bit over the top. Maybe she thought that when Anthony learnt the baby wasn’t his, Theo was in greater danger. I still think she could have worked out another plan. A woman of fortune could surely have found another way.

The last part in which they find out what really happened to Theo after Ben took it is done well. The characters in this book keep saying that there are too many coincidences, so in a way this is a key topic in the story. So why shouldn’t there be an even bigger coincidence amongst their midst?

Llewellyn’s death was also explained. I feel sorry for the man, and it’s understandable how his death affected Eleanor. He was her only confidant, the only one she could open her heart to about everything. He knew about Ben, about Anthony’s conditions, about Theo’s parentage, and about her plans. So without him, I imagine she felt totally lost.

I really loved the book. It kept me guessing all the time, and all the mysteries were great. It’s a pity that there are no more Kate Morton books at the ready. I’ll now have to wait for her next novel, which I’m already looking forward to.


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