The Lake House 7


The end is closer, and even though it seems that the mystery is disclosing, I still have the same feeling as Sadie that there’s a piece of the puzzle missing.

When Alice finally agrees to talk to Sadie, they have both reached certain conclusions: Baby Theo died that night, and the killer was possibly Anthony Edevane. The man suffered from shell shock, and in one of his fits he could have killed the baby accidentally. Sadie also learns something from Alice. Her mother was having an affair with Ben Munro. I have to say that I was very surprised and even disappointed. I could never have imagined Eleanor could be unfaithful to Anthony; their story was so sweet and beautiful; besides, when she guessed that her mother had had lovers, she was disgusted. After learning what she went through with Anthony, I can understand that she felt alone and in need of some love. Her family demanded too much from her: her mother, who didn’t have a sweet word for her, her children, who favoured their father over her, and especially her husband, who his condition made him difficult. I can understand that Eleanor was in need of some warmth, and even though I don’t condone her unfaithfulness, I can understand her.

Alice gives Sadie permission to access the house, and Alice also goes there. In the house Sadie discovers part of a letter that Sadie thought had been addressed to Anthony. In the letter Sadie discovers that Theo wasn’t Anthony’s child, but Ben’s. That is a shock for Sadie and Alice. Then Clive, the ex-policeman investigated the case back then, tells her that this piece of evidence shows that Anthony might have planned the baby when he realized he wasn’t his. Yet, Alice and Sadie openly disagree; Alice thinks that her father was a gentle soul who wouldn’t harm a soul willingly, and Sadie also agrees with her. Even though she never knew the man, what she has learnt all these weeks has drawn a picture of Anthony, which isn’t one of a cold-blooded murderer.

In the flashbacks we learn that the event that traumatised Anthony most was when his friend Howard was killed. After years fighting, Howard decided to desert and was leaving with Sophie, a French girl who had a baby. Anthony tried to stop him, but then when he realised it was useless, he tried to help Howard. Yet, he was discovered, and there is a scene in which a dog alerted his commanding officer and then the baby crying. Howard was shot dead in that moment, and years after the war, Anthony had dreams about that terrible incident. So dogs barking sent him to the edge, and when Theo was born, he also suffered and Eleanor admitted he went from bad to worse, as the baby’s cries also triggered those memories. That might be a reason why Anthony might have harmed Theo as his mind was sent to a time that was unreal.

Despite all the evidence, I have my doubts about Anthony’s implication. There are still some things that we have no explanation about. What did Llewellyn want to tell Alice that night? Why did he commit suicide? And why did Eleanor fire Nanny Rose? And who was the woman in the nursery? I think there’s more to discover, and the case is not so crystal clear as Alice and Sadie think. Besides, who was the woman in the first chapter, trying to hide something. That first chapter took place in August of the same year, two months after Theo’s disappearance. Who was that woman? And what did he bury?

Apart from that, the case Sadie was working before she went to Cornwall is clearer, and now she learns something else. The case is about a girl found alone in a flat. The police thought the child’s mother abandoned her, but Sadie thought that there was foul play as that was what the girl’s grandmother thought. So she went to the press, which is a big no in the police force. That’s why Sadie had to flee to Cornwall when she realised she had made a terrible mistake. Yet, now the girl’s grandmother has some new information; the new owners of the flat found something engraved on a formica worktop, allegedly something the woman wrote: “It was him.” So Sadie thinks that although having a airtight alibi, the woman’s ex-husband killed her as Alice makes her realize that he could have got to that extreme to give his current wife what she most wanted: a child.

I guess I’ll finish the book tonight. As I’ve mentioned previously, even though the evidence points at Anthony as the possible killer, I think there are more elements to take into consideration. I’m longing to know what really happened that night, and what became of little Theo. Also we learn that Ben left before the tragedy happened. Why? He was there that morning and there was no mention of him leaving. Could he have taken the boy, his son, and maybe Theo really lived with him all these years? That’s another possibility nobody has thought of.


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