New Book – The Lake House by Kate Morton


Publishing year: 2015

I have read and enjoyed Kate Morton’s books. So when I learnt that there was a new book, I was thrilled.

The novel starts in Cornwall in 1933 and there’s a woman running under the rain and seems to dig something into the earth. Then the action moves back to June, a few months before. We are introduced to Alice, who is sixteen, the middle daughter of a well-off family. Alice has a vivid imagination and likes writing, and she is now completely smitten with Ben, a twenty-six-year-old man, who works for her parents. Alice sounds quite naive and innocent, and I fear that she is seeing more in Ben’s kindness that what he’s actually offering. Besides, I don’t think her parents would appreciate their daughter’s infatuation with a labourer.

Something in this chapter might be important or has caught my attention. There’s somebody called Mr. Llewellyn, who seems to be a friend of the family, and enjoys painting. The man intercepts Alice to talk to her about something important but the girl brushes him off as she’s eager to see Ben, but she agrees to see him later. I wonder what this man wants, and I don’t have any real guesses. I wonder if the man might have talked to her parents about courting her; she’s really young, but I guess that in those days people got married very young, and her eldest sister already has a fiancé. I also imagine that the woman in the first chapter is Alice, but I have no idea what she’s dug into the earth. Could it be related to whatever Mr Llewellyn wants to talk her about?

The book then moves back in time, and we get to 2003. We are introduced to Sadie, a police officer, who is in Cornwall as she’s taken a month off since she had a problem with a case. She’s not very direct in what happened to her. The case involved a missing little girl, and her grandmother. I’m not sure what happened, whether Sadie found a different girl or what; since she’s being quite vague, I really didn’t understand the whole picture. In any case, while running with her grandparents’ dogs, Sadie comes across the house that we know is where Alice and her family lived in the 1930s. I wonder how these two women in time will be linked.

Interesting start. I’m already intrigued!

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