New Book – The Girl with No Past by Kathryn Croft


Publication year: 2015

The start of this book shows a girl trapped in a car, clearly after an accident.

That is set in 2003. Then the story moves forward and it is 2014. We are introduced to Leah, a woman who is quite peculiar. She works in a library, but is very particular about her life. She doesn’t tell her colleagues anything about her life, and is very strict about her routine. I guess that Leah is the person in the prologue, and I imagine that the accident has great importance for the life she leads now. We know that there was a man in her past life, Adam, but now she lives like a hermit, and she goes to a psychiatrist once a month, but she often misses the sessions. Now she’s received two cards in the post with the message ‘Happy anniversary’. I imagine that these days it is the anniversary of that accident. I’m intrigued. Did Leah kill someone? Was she driving under the influence? And why does she say that she has destroyed her mother’s life?  Now she visits a website to find a partner and has started talking to Julian, who she feels comfortable with. I wonder if Leah will meet Julian or if this man has any relevance with her past.

The story also jumps back in time when Leah was a teenager and started secondary school. She was unhappy because her parents had moved to another town and she didn’t know anybody. And that first day at school she meets Imogen, who she thinks can be a good friend. Is Imogen part of what Leah is living now?


2 thoughts on “New Book – The Girl with No Past by Kathryn Croft

    • Yes, it is very intriguing. I usually try to come up with some hypotheses, but so far I’m clueless. I play with some guesses, but there are too many blanks for me to imagine what happened to this girl

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