New Book – An Open Marriage by Tess Stimson


Publishing year: 2014

This the latest book by Tess Stimson.

I’ve read all her books, and I’ve enjoyed her humour and cheek in those novels. Her books are fun, and even thought they cover unconventional topics about men and women’s relationships, I think they’re entertaining.

In this case we get to know Mia and Charlie. Mia is an American free-lance journalist and eight years ago he married Kit and moved to England. Kit is a teacher in a private school, and his boss is Charlie. Charlie and Mia meet and hit it off. Charlie is also married to her first boyfriend Bob. Both couples have a seven-year-old daughter. The two couples stand hanging up together, and there’s a certain sexual tension. From the outset, it is clear that Bob likes Mia and openly flirts with her. And even though Kit is more discreet, he also seems to find Charlie attractive.

It is during one of their dinners together that they start a truth or dare game, and the couples have sex while in the same room, and Charlie even dares to kiss and touch Mia, and the other woman doesn’t refuse her advances. We learn later that Charlie and Bob have ventured in some threesomes, but this practice ended when Bob had an affair with a woman on a holiday. Charlie was furious because they had agreed that there wouldn’t be another woman unless Charlie was part of it. This fling would have ended their marriage, Charlie confesses, if there hadn’t been a baby to think of.

The beginning of the novel is interesting. The friendship is becoming something else, and I wonder what all this intimacy will lead to. Will these couples become swingers? It seems that Charlie likes Mia more than he likes Kit, but maybe she hasn’t make a move on him because she works with him, and she also values Mia’s friendship a lot. I’m sure that Bob wouldn’t say no to have a little taste of the other woman. If they get into this tangle, will their friendship survive?


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