Little Girl Lost 4 – The End



The end had many elements: it was tragic, sad, and very surprising.

I didn’t suspect for one moment who the culprit was. The plot was very cleverly woven, and I liked how Kate’s father was the key to her kidnapping.

I felt quite disappointed to discover the way Lucy’s father was involved with Janet. No wonder Lucy felt so sick, and in a way this discovery also helped her to understand her mother. I have to say I don’t like the woman; she’s so cold towards her daughter. I wonder how she raised her daughter during the thirteen years she was at home. Was she so cold and undetached as she is now?

As for her father, his behaviour in the past was shameful, but it is admirable when he blamed himself for the death of Travers. Even in his addled mind, he was able to put his love for Lucy before anything else. So now he is sent to a prison hospital. Despite what he did in the past, I can’t help but feel sorry for him as he’s a sick man.

The part that moved me to tears is when Lucy discovers that little Mary has died when her mother’s boyfriend set the house on fire. What a despicable man! And little Mary tried to call Lucy, but she ran out of battery. Her voice mails were heart-breaking, and I can imagine that Lucy won’t be able to forget this as long as she lives.

I really loved the novel, and I’ll certainly read the other books in this series.


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