New Book – The Touch by Colleen McCullough


PUblishing year: 2003

I’ve started this book this morning.

It starts with James Drummond, an authoritative, unkind man, telling his daughter Elizabeth that she is to marry her cousin Alexander, who lives in South Wales. Elizabeth lives in Kinross, Scotland, and she is to travel to Australia in order to marry a man he doesn’t know. The year is 1872. Elizabeth is the youngest of a big family; all her sisters and brothers are married, and her father decided that Elizabeth would remain a spinster to look after him. Yet, when Alexander, who has made his fortune in Australia, sends him a thousand pounds, James decides that Elizabeht will marry him even though Alexander actually asked for Jeane, Elizabeth’s sister.

So now Elizabeth is on her way to meet this man. It is really sad how women had no voice in their lives and they had to comply with their men’s desires. Elizabeth doesn’t even contemplate refusing to do what her father wants. I wonder what Alexander will be like. Will he be disappointed Jeane is not the bride going to him? Will he be good to Elizabeth? And how will Elizabeth cope in a new land where she doesn’t know anybody?


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