The Secret of Happy Ever After 5


Becca’s news has not been as terrible as I thought.

Yet, this means that Anna has to push away the idea of having a baby of her own, and I think it is not fair. Phil’s attitude is still so unjust; I think if he didn’t want any more children, he should have told Anna straight away. Yet, she married him on the illusion that at some point they could be parents. Now she’s stuck in a rut; she can’t leave the man she loves for her dreams of motherhood, but she can’t have the baby she longs so much either.

Things between Michelle and Becca have become strained when Michelle starts invading the bookshop to display her homeware products. They have a fight in which they say things that hurt each other; Michelle admits that the shop isn’t making any profit and Anna should be focusing on her family while Anna accuses Michelle of keeping people at arms’ length and not having a right to give advice about relationships.

In this tumult, Mr. Quentin, the bookshop owner, dies. This will have consequences for the shop, I could imagine. Maybe Mr. Quentin left the shop to Anna. That would solve many problems, or it might create new ones. And something that was clearly to happen has finally taken place: Rory and Anna have kissed. Yet, before Anna lets him further inside her heart, she wants to tell him what happened that year when she was expelled from boarding school. Did she get pregnant and have an abortion or give the baby away? Why does Harvey use that memory to humiliate her so much?


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