The Secret of Happy Ever After 4


Oh my Gosh!

I had a certain suspicion that something wouldn’t be straightforward, when Becca started showing her fears and indecision about going to university. And now she’s pregnant! This will be a bomb, and it won’t leave anybody indifferent. And what will this mean for Anna? Will Phil blame her for letting Becca date a boy who had a dubious history? Will this be another nail in the coffin? I hope that Phil doesn’t blow a fuse and rant against Anna. I think Phil is quite selfish; he doesn’t think of Anna when he decides he doesn’t want any more children, and he’s not very supportive when she gets disappointment and her being late was nothing significant. I hope that Anna won’t get blamed by either Phil or Sarah because I think Anna has been more of a parent to the girls than Phil or Sarah.

I also feel sorry for Michelle. There is something in her past that hurts her, and is something to do with boarding school and a boy called Ed Pryce. I wonder what happened to get her expelled. Harvey even makes a reference to that and accuses her of very ugly things. What is with her past and Ed Pryce? I doubt she got pregnant and had an abortion because I think she wouldn’t be the first woman to go through something similar. I really have no idea, and nothing that comes to my mind makes much sense.

And Harvey is such a disgusting bully. He doesn’t love anybody but himself. He claims that he loves her but in his behaviour in the restaurant and the few snippets we get from Michelle’s memories he shows that he’s awful. That episode in which he locked her up in the garage for buying a sexy dress and then forcefully cutting her hair to match the story he had told their friends shows a person who is not of a sound mind. I think Michelle is just a pawn for his machinations, and all he wants is to lay his hands in the family business, and he can only do that by using Michelle. But why doesn’t Michelle let anybody help her? Rory managed to dig a bit into her soul, but her defence walls are too high and strong. I think that Michelle’s story must be quite sorry. The moment that shaped her was when she was expelled from the boarding school, and I have the feeling that she has always been made to feel guilty for what happened back then. She has always tried to prove herself to her family and herself, and now she’s feeling very lonely. Yet, she still pushes everyone away. Rory tries to get through her, but he still has not achieved much.


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