New Book – The Secret of Happy Ever After by Lucy Dillon


Publishing year: 2011

I have started this novel this afternoon.

It is a lighter read. It starts with Michelle, who has moved to a village Longhampton, after her divorce. She has opened a new shop in the village, an interiors shop, and in Longhampton she meets Anna McQueen, who will become her best friend. Both women are quite different. While Michelle is organized and after her divorce she’s gone off men almost completely. Anna is a librarian, who is married to Phil, who has three daughters from his previous marriage. Anna is not so organised as Michelle, and now that her stepdaughters have started to live with them when their mother has moved to the United Stated, she’s stressed. Yet, now two and a half years after meeting Michelle, she confesses that despite their being harried, Anna wants to have a baby of her own. This is her resolution for this year, and I wonder if her husband will be as willing as she is. After all, he already has three daugthers, and maybe he won’t want to start again with a baby. Yet, I hope he understands that it is different for Anna, and even though she loves Phil’s girls, she wants a child of her own.


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