New Book – After the Roses by Shayne Parkinson


Publishing year: 2015

This is the new book I’m going to read now.

A few years ago I read the series Promises To Keep, and I loved it. The books were really amazing, and I still remember the characters, especially Amy and her bossy cousin Lizzie and her husband Frank.

I’ll try to remember the events of those books. In the nineteenth century Amy is a girl who lives with her widowed father and two brothers. She’s a lovely girl. Then her world turns down when her father comes back from a trip to Aukland with a new wife, Susannah, who is terrible to Amy. And then Susannah receives the visit of her brother who seduces Amy and gets her pregnant.

Amy is forced to give the little girl in adoption, and this will mark the rest of her life. She is then forced to marry her father’s neighbour, a middle-aged man, who illtreats her. She has two sons by him; the eldest is as nasty as his father when he grows up, but the youngest is the only consolation for Amy.

The books tells us about Amy’s terrible life, and also about her cousin Lizzy, who marries a local farmer, a visionary in the farming business despite his shyness. Lizzy and her husband are a nice contrast to Amy’s miserable life.

Years later, a woman comes to the village, and Amy finds out that this wealthy woman is the little girl she gave in adoption. Shortly afterwards, Amy’s husband dies, (good riddance!), and her daughter takes her to her posh house in Wellington. The young woman even manages to have her revenge on the man who got Amy pregnant and abandoned her.

The following books are not so much about Amy, which is a pity, but about her grandchildren and Lizzie’s. Her eldest son died in the war, but he never knew that he fathered a son, who Amy takes in and pays for his education in Aukland. And her youngest son has a girl, Daisy. The last book was about the young men going to war in Europe.

Now I’m going to read the next book in this series, and I’m so happy!!!


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