New Book – Becoming Lisette by Rebecca Glenn


Publishing year: 2015

This books tells the story of Elizabeth Vigée, the daughter of a eighteenth-century painter, Louis Vigée.

The story starts in 1766 with Lisette on her last day in a convent where she’s been studying since she was six. She hasn’t had a nice time there as some of the nuns were very cruel. All Lisette wants is to paint with her father.

The action moves forward to 1772. Lisette is twelve, and she’s happy when she can paint with her father. Yet, her mother disapproves as she thinks she should focus on learning the skills to be a good wife. Lisette even wants to study to become a painter with Master Briand, who accepts female pupils, but her father refuses, as they only have money for her brother’s education.

One of Louis Vigée’s friends is Claude-Joseph Vernet, who has been charmed by Lisette’s paintings, but even his opinion is not enough to move her father. Only when she shows one of her paintings to a group of friends of her father’s, including Diderot, and they praise her art does Louis accept to sell one of her paintings.

Apart from this, Lisette meets a man who might be her love interest in the future. His name is Amante Fabien de Cahumont, and he’s a captain. He seems to be charmed by Lisette’s beauty, and I wonder when they’ll meet again.


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