Leaving Time 4 – The End



I have to say that the end of the story threw me completely. There was a moment when I didn’t understand what was happening. Then later everything made sense. The story is very sad, and even though Alice wasn’t dead, which is a good thing, it was tragic to realize what happened to Jenna. Who could do such a thing to a little girl out of spite and revenge … a girl who she had looked after after her birth? Alice didn’t act sensibly all the time, but I can understand how vulnerable she was. Her husband, who was a stranger to her, was violent when he had one of his psychotic bouts. I felt sorry for him, but Alice wasn’t to blame, and as Gideon treated her the way her husband didn’t, no wonder she fell for him. I think Alice shouldn’t have married Thomas. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. If she hadn’t married him, things would have been different. She could have raised Jenna on her own, maybe in Africa, and it would have been better in the long run.

The end was quite bittersweet, mixing hope with grief. It was not very original as this technique or plotline had been explored before, but it was surprising none the less. I really enjoyed the book and everything we learnt about elephants. Great story!


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