The Riddle at Gipsy’s Mile 5 – The End



I knew that the key to the mystery was in Kent. Angela finds out the link between Lita and Gilbert. They met during the war, and married; shortly afterwards, they realized it had been a mistake, when they parted they didn’t even try to keep in touch. Lita discovered she was pregnant, and after the war, she thought Gilbert had been killed. Only when she saw Gilbert and Lucy’s engagement in the newspaper did she realize that the man was her husband. She contacted him twice as she wanted something good for her son. Yet, Gilbert didn’t reply to her letters, hoping she would get tired. Then she saw her in his property, and he had a spell, and when he came round, she was dead, so that’s why he thought he had killed her.

In the end, he simply disposed of the body, but he hadn’t done the deed. Angela receives a letter from Lady Alice after the woman’s demise as she confesses to the crime. The woman received a letter from Lita, and as the young woman meant a terrible obstacle for her plans for her son, she arranged to meet her, and then she put arsenic in her chocolate, resulting in her death.

Angela suspects that Lady Alice was not alone in this crime. The woman was too old to think she could get rid of the body once Lita was dead, and someone thoroughly cleaned the cottage where the young woman stayed, and Angela doesn’t think it was Lady Alice. Angela suspects Lucy was also involved, and that is why she was on her horse the day Angela’s car plunged into the ditch and found Lita. Lucy must have been trying to locate the woman. It was clever of Angela to drop hints about her suspicions to Lucy. Yet, Lucy is also a very clever woman, and she indirectly tells her that there is no evidence to suspect anybody else was involved in the crime. Lucy and Gilbert, who was acquitted but imposed a fine, have decided to take in the boy, and Angela hinted that she should be on the lookout for any danger that the boy might be.

I’m sorry that somebody got away with murder. If Lucy was indeed a murderer as well, she should have been punished.


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