New Book – The Riddle at Gipsy’s Mile by Clara Benson


Publishing year: 2014

This is another book featuring clever Angela Marchmont.

In this new adventure, Angela is travelling to Kent to spend some days with some friends. There is a terrible fog and she and her driver get lost. When they ask directions to a lady called Lucy on horseback, they resume driving, but sheep get in the way, making the car get into a ditch. When they leave the car, they see there is a body behind the shrubbery. It is a woman, whose face has been totally disfigured, and it is clear she has been murdered.

Angela and William, her driver, make their way to the house Gipsy’s Mile and from there they call the police. Nobody knows who the murdered woman is, and everyone assumes the murder must have been committed by some jilted lover or a jealous husband.

The characters that we have been introduced to are Marguerite Harrison and her husband Miles, who are the owners of Gipsy’s Mile. Marguerite is a very talkative woman while her husband seems more down-to-earth. There are also some other guests in the house. Cynthia Pilkington-Soames is a journalist and the woman Angela wanted to escape from when in the previous book she went to Cornwall. Her husband is Herbert, and there is also a son, Freddy, who also wants to follow her mother’s steps in journalism. I find Freddy quite dull, lazy, and full of empty aspirations.


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