New Book – Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse


Publishing year: 2015

I’ve been away for a few days, so I have been unable to write on my blog.

I started this new book by Amanda Prowse. In the prologue we meet Jacks and Peter. It is their wedding, and they are utterly in love and full of plans. They are so cute together. Then time moves forward, and some seventeen or eighteen years later, Jacks and Peter have two children, Martha and Jonty. The difference between the prologue and this chapter is palpable. Jacks doesn’t sound so in love as in the prologue, and there is a feeling of disenchantment in her. Those plans that she and Peter talked about were never fulfilled. I think Jacks doesn’t feel as happy as she should. And now Jacks’ mum lives with them after her husband died. Jacks’ mum has alzheimer’s, and after a few incidents that showed the woman was not safe they decided to bring her home.

I haven’t read a lot of this book yet in the last few days. I just think the tone is quite sad, and I imagine that the novel is going to be quite melodramatic after this introduction. I’ve loved all of Amanda Prowse’s books, and I know I’m going to enjoy this one as well.


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