The Woman He Loved Before 6 – The End



What a hard and delightful book! I was up until 2 a.m last night reading, and I finished reading it this morning.

Eve’s journal entries are terrible. She gets to leave her sleazy boyfriend, but when she gets to Brighton, she starts doing the same, but now with a escort agency. It is through this agency that she meets Caesar. The man is not her usual client; he just wants to talk, and then he proposes an agreement. She will be his exclusive escort for a huge amount of money. Eve wavers, but in the end she accepts. Those three months are fine, but just after the period ends, he finally makes her have sex with him. He wants another three months, and it is in that time that Caesar changes completely. He brings other men over and forces Eve to have sex with them, and he also beats her up. He even threatens to kill her if she leaves him.

It is around this time that she meets Jack. Eve falls in love with him in just a few minutes, and after an encounter with him when they are intimate, she leaves. Shortly afterwards Eve discovers she is pregnant; she doesn’t know who the father is, but she wants the baby. Caesar tells her to get rid of it, but Eve flees and seeks help. However, she has a miscarriage, and when she returns to Brighton, she decides to start from scratch. So she gets cleaning and waitressing jobs. I don’t understand why she didn’t do that before instead of selling herself to men.

Then she meets Jack again, and they start a relationship. It is later that the big surprise comes. Jack’s father Hector is Caesar. From that moment, Hector starts harassing her, especially when he learns that she has those diaries. Eve ends up telling Jack about her past, and even he learns that his father was one of her clients, but she doesn’t tell him about her being his sex slave.

Libby reads all these entries with horror. She is disgusted by Hector, who she confronts and tells him about knowing about the journals. Hector starts another harassing campaign. Libby thinks Hector murdered Eve, and she’s his next victim. Libby is afraid, but she’s strong despite her vulnerability. When confronting Hector a second time, he tells her that he didn’t kill Eve, that she simply fell. When Eve realizes she has to tell Jack everything, she learns that Hector has had a massive heart attack. I love the scene in the hospital as Libby gets into a taxi to be with her husband, something that scares her terribly. Jack is moved by this feat and knows how much Libby loves him. In this moment, he opens his heart and confesses his feelings for her and Eve. I really love that scene, and I’m glad that even though they still have to work hard, they end up together.

And about Hector, he doesn’t die, but his wife, who has always known what kind of man he is, surprises us. We hear her voice as a narrator just this once, to tell us that through searching the net, she knows to lower the dose of her husband’s medication, and sooner or later he will die. I don’t feel sorry for Hector, but I don’t feel sorry for his wife either. When talking to Libby, she showed a harsh side of hers, and the fact that she put up with this horrible man doesn’t get her any brownie points with me. I think she sold her soul to this man, and I think a well-heeled woman like her could have been able to do something to escape this marriage.

Libby finally burns Eve’s diaries as she has been asked in the letter, protecting Jack from the truth

A wonderful book. I loved it!!!


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