The Woman He Loved Before 2


I like the way Jack and Libby get finally together.

Libby feels ashamed after their moment together, and she tries to avoid him at any cost. When they talk, she realizes that not being kissed has worried her more than she could imagine, and when he kisses her, his kiss makes her feel something she has never felt before. It is then that Jack confesses that he has only kissed two women in five years: his late wife, who died three years before, and now Libby. He’s had some issues with kissing because for him it was even more intimate than having sex.

As I suspected, Eve, the woman in the prologue, is Jack’s first wife. Later, when he and Libby are engaged to be married, we learn that Eve died after an accident. She fell down the stairs and broke her neck. The police grew suspicious and arrested Jack for ten days, but there was no clear evidence. In the entry we read in the prologue, Eve thinks she’s going to be murdered, but I refuse to believe Jack could kill her.

In present time Jack is also a narrator. He has an uncomfortable encounter with the inspector who was in charge of Eve’s case. Now that Libby has had a car accident, the inspector hints the unlikelihood of two of his wives having accidents with him alone as a witness. There is the matter of the passenger airbag that didn’t work properly and Jack didn’t come around to repair it. There are a few suspicious things about Jack, but I can’t believe he would harm Eve or Libby. Why could he do that? I don’t know much about Eve, but he has no reasons to want Libby dead. He doesn’t gain anything from her likely death; he already has enough money, and if he didn’t love her any more or had a lover, he could always divorce her.

After leaving the hospital, Libby is trying to be strong and feel lucky for being alive. Yet, the scars from the accident are difficult to ignore. She has bruising and different scars in her face, and part of her hair had to be shaved because of her head hitting some metal part of the car. Libby is not conceited, but she is very particular about looks, especially her hair. Apart from the physical scarring, Libby is trying to remember more about the accident. She remembers the moment the other car crashed into theirs and also the fireman. But there is something between those two moments that she can’t remember, and Jack won’t tell her about it. I wonder what that is. What is Jack trying to conceal? Did they have a fight? Or did she discover something?


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