New Book – The Woman He Loved Before by Dorothy Koomson


Publishing year: 2011

This morning I started a new mystery book by Dorothy Koomson.

In the prologue there is a letter included in some journals from a woman called Eve. In the letter, she asks whoever is reading the letter to burn her journals, and then in her letter she says that if someone is reading the letter it means she is dead, and probably murdered. Wow! A very strong beginning. Was Eve really murdered? And who was she?

Then the story starts with Libby who has been in a car accident and is still trapped in the car. The novel alternates between Libby in his ordeal after the accident, being freed from the car and then in hospital, and her memories of the time she met her husband Jack. Libby met him when she was buying her first car, and Jack came to interrupt the sale and stole the salesman’s attention for a personal matter. Libby is a proud woman, and she decided that she wouldn’t buy the car after this slight. Jack runs after her; she thinks he’s too full of himself, pompous, and conceited, but he manages to persuade her to reconsider and buy the car.

After that, Jack works hard for her to go out with her, but she refuses. She doesn’t like him, or at least, she didn’t like him in that first encounter. Yet, she finally relents when she runs into him in the park, and he plays with her nephew. She admits to enjoying their date very much, but when they return to his place, things turn strange. Somehow Libby feels drawn to him and lets him make love to her in the hall, and when she realizes that she had let almost a stranger to make love to her without even kissing her, she panics and flees.

I don’t know what to think of Jack. He seems to be charming albeit a bit peculiar. Libby is also quite out of the ordinary. We know that Jack and Libby marry in the end, so this last part is not the last Libby will see of him. We also know that Jack was also in the accident. I’m trying to join the dots and clues. The letter in the prologue intrigues me. Was Eve Jack’s first wife? Did he murder her as she hints in the letter? And what about Libby? What made her marry him when she has been so certain she disliked him? And what about the accident? Was there some foul play?

Already hooked! I really love Dorothy Koomson’s books!

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