The French Promise 5 – The End



What a delightful book! I loved it better than “The Lavender Keeper”.

The only thing that I regret is that Lisette had to die, but her spirit was then present throughout the rest of the novel in spirit through Luc and Jenny. I have to say I love Jenny’s character. She is such a candid, fresh little girl, and the way she interacted with others was so refreshing. It is a pity she had to lose her mother, and I’m sorry Lisette didn’t get to enjoy the joys of seeing her grow as a person. I especially love her when Luc visits Robert, and she makes everything so easy.

I also love Jane. She wasn’t Lisette, but she made it so easy to love her too. She never demands full attention and she knows how to give Lisette her place in Luc’s heart. The romance between Jane and Luc made me consider how difficult it is to be the second wife when there has been a much loved first missus. If it was me, I would be wondering how he feels all the time in relation to his previous wife, and I would feel a wordless comparison hovering over me all the time. I think it’s good that Luc had no problem talking about Lisette with Jane; I think it was the right thing. Jane knows Luc loved Lisette very much, and she has to accept she has a different place in his heart, not worse, just different. And I particularly loved Jane in her last speech when Luc is finally recovering from her bullet wound. For a moment she sounded as clever as Lisette, and she was so right.

The confrontation between Luc and von Schleigel was unnerving. I am of the same opinion as Jane; Luc was not thinking right to risk his life like that. In a way, he was selfish, only thinking of his grief and retaliation, and not considering what his death could do to Jenny. Unfortunately, Max found him, and even though he ended up wounded, he was also found later in his parents’ farm. I’m not sorry von Schleigel died; he was a horrible person, and it’s incredible that not even in his last moments he didn’t even show an ounce of regret.

Great book. It made me cry at the end. I loved the characters, and even though it was very sad in some points, I loved it all the same.


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