The Ice Princess 5 – The End



I haven’t been disappointed at the end of the novel.

I found the resolution of the book satisfactory, but what a plot! I was right about Dan being Alex’s lover and her baby’s father. I’m glad that he wasn’t the murderer, but after Patrik talked to him, we haven’t heard anything else about him. I wonder if he’ll show up in the next book.

I suspected that the murder had something to do with the past. Anders wasn’t killed, but committed suicide, which was what I believed had happened when his body was found. It is a sad tale. Nelly’s son abused Alex, Anders, and Jan. Poor Alex was raped and had to go through a pregnancy when she was still a child. That was the reason why she drifted away from Erica. What is saddest is that instead of reporting the rapist, her parents reached an agreement with Nils’s mother to keep everything hushed up and receive some compensation instead. That was despicable. Alex never came to terms with this event that had marked her life, and when she decided it was time the truth were known, she was killed for it. What happened in the past not only destroyed her childhood, but also killed her. I think her crime was so unfair. She was the one to suffer, who had to live with that every day for years, and it was her decision to decide she wanted to come clean. I’m sure the murderer also suffered, but I feel little compassion for her reasons. Taking a person’s life is wrong on principle, but in this case I feel this crime was totally unjust.

A wonderful first book in this series. I’ll definitely read the following mysteries by this talented writer.


2 thoughts on “The Ice Princess 5 – The End

  1. I know this series!
    Sometimes scandinavian authors tends to be a bit too “cold” for me, especially when they describes love stories, but I liked Camila Lackberg’s styles.
    I read one of the later books because it was a gift and I enjoyed it; the mistery was good and I liked also the protagonists and the recurrent characters; I was able to follow their backstories even if I didn’t know them from the beginning. Since the book I read ended with a cliffhanger, I have to look for the sequel! But also for the first books as well…!

    • Yes, I know what you mean. I found this one a bit cold in comparison with other stories with some romance, but I loved it. I liked the romance and the mystery. It was very well done. I want to read the whole series little by little.

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