New Book – The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg – Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck 1


Finishing year: 2004

This new book starts with a woman in a bathtub, frozen water wrapping her up.

There is a man in the bathroom with her. Next, this woman’s body is found by Eilert, an old man who normally does some jobs for her in exchange for good money. From what he says, I think there is something fishy here. Alexandra, who is the name of the woman, was ready to pay too much money for these little jobs, and I wonder why. Alexandra is found surrounded by ice and blood, and there is a razor on the edge of the tub, which leads to believe she has committed suicide.

The main character is Erica Falck, a writer, who has come to the little town to pack up her parents’ things after they died. Erica used to be Alexandra’s best friend when they were children. When she visits her parents, they want her to write some article about her daughter, and they also tell her that they don’t believe Alex committed suicide as she had a thing about blood. If she had decided to kill herself, she would have done it differently.

I can guess that Alex was killed. Who was the man in the bathroom with her? Her husband? Or maybe her lover?


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