New Book – The House I Loved by Tatiana de Rosnay


Publishing year: 2010

I’ve only read a few pages of this book today.

It is the second book by Tatiana de Rosnay I read; I really enjoyed the first one, and I imagine I’m going to enjoy this one as well.

In this novel Rose Bazelet, an elderly lady, writes a letter to her late husband. The problem she has to deal with is an order of expropriation. She must leave the house she and her husband shared; the house was in her husband’s family for long years, and Rose refuses to leave it. I gather that the reason of that expropriation is the re-design of Paris in the nineteenth century. Rose mentions a string of characters that live in the same street and are living the same situation. One of the characters is Alexandrine, who runs the flower shop and Rose forges friendship with her.

The story is just starting, and so far I’m not too invested in the plot. I guess things will get more interesting, and I think Rose has secrets that we might learn about later.


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