The Flavours of Love 8 – The End



I enjoyed the end of the book.

I had guessed that somehow Daphne would lose the baby. Whatever she decided to do would have raised some objections. It was then when Saffron read the text on her daughter’s mobile that I guessed who the father was. I was pretty sure that there was a reason why she kept it quiet, and I couldn’t believe that either Fynn or Lewis had anything to do with it. I’m just sorry that Saffron didn’t press charges against the man. She then trashed his car, which served a double purpose. When the police arrested her, she was able to talk about Aura, and a few days later when the woman sneaked into her house to kill her, the police arrested her. I still don’t understand how Saffron let this matter go on for so long. She should have gone to the police much sooner. If she didn’t want to raise suspicions from her stalker, she could always have called them.

The story with Fynn ended up quite nicely, I think. Having Saffron end up with either Fynn or Lewis would have spoil the beauty of her relationship with Joel. Saffron admits that she loves Fynn more than a friend, but she couldn’t start a relationship with him because he was such an intrinsic part of Joel that one day she couldn’t be able to tell apart which part was Joel’s and which Fynn’s. I liked the conversation they had in his flat. That was very nicely done. As for Lewis, I don’t know why, but I never liked him. Not that I had any reasons to dislike the man, but I just didn’t warm up to him. In the end Saffron couldn’t start anything with him as she felt betrayed for keeping information from her.

I really loved the novel. It was so full of things and such a balloon of emotions.


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